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Vertical Wicker Weave Soapstone Trinket Decor Jar with Lid

Soapstone is a soft rock that is capable of being carved and etched to great deal without fracturing.

A Symbol of both aesthetics and talent, by Vietnamese workers. Mined from the mountains of Quang Ninh, these soapstone products were designed, carved, buffed, and painted to produce a complete masterpiece. Each of these products consist of a variety of colors and shades, lines and curves, shapes and sizes which are handled with care by many different artisans. Every product takes hours to finish and ultimately become one of a kind pieces. Therefore, soapstone products are truly a one of-a-kind character of Vietnam you cannot find anywhere else.

This soapstone box is of a variety called “painted” meaning the majority (background) is painted. Sometimes it may appear that there are blemishes on top of the paint, however this is due to the artists using a very thin paint that still allows the variation of the natural soapstone to show through, giving it more character. This is of our wicker basket weave design, meant to imitate a wicker basket, which is stunningly accurate. Many of our customers think it is in fact a basket before they are told it is stone. The design is 3D, thus protrudes out of the box to give it a lifelike design and feel. The box is completed with a hinge that allows it to be used with ease.

Though it is rock, the soapstone is fragile and will break if it is dropped. It will be shipped to you in a box surrounded by bubble-wrap to ensure its safety.

This box measures 12cm x 11cm